Sunday, October 2, 2011

Injuries, instruments, and laughter, OH MY

At the sports festival last week, I ended up tripping over the body of one of my fallen comrades, during a particularly violent race. The objective of this activity was to run towards a vertically lying bamboo pole at the blog of the whistle, and wrestle it tug-of-war style to your team's side of the court. This can be accurately visually described by saying the "pole" in question was slathered in honey and the "girls" competing were human-sized bees. That is how many people were packed around that stick.
Anyways, because I tripped, I have this nasty bloody knee, which the bandaids keep falling off of, and consequently I am staining everything. Not fun. Also experiencing annoying, pirate-like swag.

Today, the Rotary invited us to an exchange student workshop, where we all got to try the traditional Japanese instrument, the Koto. They are really, really cool. I want to buy one and start like an all-koto band, I swear, it will happen and we will become famous. Also I met German and Korean exchange students! They were nice so we instantly became friends, yay!

About the 3rd part of the title: laughter. I learned something new the other day. It was just my host mother and I, sitting at the family computer trying to edit some photos from last month's recital. There were people sitting in places that took the focus away from the singer/people closest to the camera had hideous expressions.. etc. My host mom asked for my help, and although I had never edited an image in my life, I did. That night my bond with her elevated beyond anything ever. We spent an entire hour screwing with the image to extents that it was ridiculous. For example, one woman's frown was incredibly noticeable, therefore, we copied and pasted a smiling person's mouth onto that woman's face. Dragging and dropping the hovering smile we copied had us cracking into even crazier hysterics. The hues of her new smile's lips were completely off. We painted over it. We literally flipped some people's frowns upside-down. Tears rolled down both of our cheeks for the entire process. I felt so loose with her, and we got to know eachother's sense of humor, and it was the highlight of my exchange so far. The little things in an exchange really make for the better, I think.

I am having a great time.

Well, I am exhausted as usual, so I'm heading to bed.
Goodnight world!

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  1. Ooooh, how I wish there was audio to go along with both the Koto and the laughter.